The MAKEDONIA ΟΕ company was established at 1980 in Thessaloniki  with the aim to produce traditional handmade salads. It is the oldest company in its sector and it is famous for the excellent quality and rich flavor of its products, its reasonable prices and immediate and effective customer services.

The MAKEDONIA OE focuses on the good quality and hygiene of raw materials used since its early steps in the 80s. Only by Selecting the best quality raw materials we can achieve a unique and special flavor. The company strongly believes in customer satisfaction and for that reason everyone is aware of the MAKEDONIA flavour. As a result, the company has built up a loyal customer public in Super Markets, Restaurants and Cash&Carry. The company aims at being always one step ahead of the new trends and evolution in the food and catering sector,  by creating new products (as the Greek version of Cheesesalad) and new packages (as the triple package).

Furthermore, since the 90s, MAKEDONIA Salads initiated its exporting activities mainly to Europe and in particular Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland.